Pongola Game Reserve Fishing Report

Temp (River):
Minimum:19 C Average:21 C Maximum:22 C

Water Clarity:
Clear to murky in places

Water Level:


Fishing Area:
Elephant Bay and the river mouth where it enters the main lake. (Lot of structure in this area). Trolling in the river area

Average Size:
Tiger Fish caught ranged from 1kg 4.8kg. Some good fish were caught, for example: A 4,8kg Tiger Fish was caught in Elephant Bay on sardine Skipper Jetro A 3kg Tiger Fish was caught on sardine at the mouth on live bait Skipper Dumi A 2.8kg and a 2,5 kg were caught on sardine Skipper Dumi

Other Conditions:
We had a couple of windy and overcast days. With the water level dropping we concentrated at the mouth of the lake, as the water is a bit clearer. The water level is quite low and fishing spots moved further towards the mouth of the main lake.

Total Tiger Fish:
120 Tiger Fish that we know of were caught on the Pongola Game Reserve boats. Lots of young fish were caught

Plenty of Barbel were caught while fishing for Tiger Fish. Average size 4kg

Bait of the Month:
Orange and yellow

General Info:
Table: Indicates how the fish was caught during September 2017