Pongola Game Reserve Fishing Report

Temp (River):
Minimum:23 C Average:24 C Maximum:26 C

Water Clarity:
Murky in places

Water Level:

33 mm

Fishing Area:
Elephant Bay is still the trusted spot, in around 3m of water. The river mouth where it enters the main lake is also a very good spot, with a lot of old structures protruding now with the water level that has dropped.

Average Size:
Tiger Fish caught ranged from 1kg 4.2kg. Some good fish were caught. The big tigers are shy but they are definitely around. Lots of 1.5 kg tigers taking the bait.

Other Conditions:
With summer upon us we experienced some very hot days with a lot of wind in the afternoons. The wind causes the mud to churn making the water in the river murky in places. The river system is very shallow but becomes deeper towards the mouth. We did have some storms that passed through but did not receive the rain we are waiting for. Dead bait is definitely the bait of the month, especially sardines. The sardines have a strong smell in the murky water.

Total Tiger Fish:
An Average of 110 Tiger Fish were caught this month off the Pongola Game Reserve boats.

Plenty of Barbel were caught while fishing for Tiger Fish. Average size of 3kg

Bait of the Month:
Orange and yellow

General Info:
Table: Indicates how the fish was caught during October 2017