Pongola Game Reserve Fishing Report

Temp (River):
Minimum:19 C Maximum:21 C

Water Clarity:
Clear to murky in places

Water Level:


Fishing Area:
Pump Station, the bay as you pass the KZN Wildlife campsites towards the border, Elephant Bay in 3- 5m of water and towards the mountain near the trees in the water

Average Size:
Tiger Fish caught during the month ranged from 500gr 2kg. No large fish were caught during this month, but plenty small fish are very active at the moment.

Other Conditions:
The Dam level is starting to drop/decrease again as usual during the winter months.

Total Tiger Fish:
An Average of 103 Tiger Fish were caught this month off the Pongola Game Reserve boats. Most were caught on sardine and chicken livers.

A few Barbel were caught while fishing for Tiger Fish, also caught on sardine and chicken livers.

Bait of the Month:
Lures and spoons were again not as successful as dead bait during June.