Pongola Game Reserve Fishing Report

Temp (River):
Average of 20 - 22 C

Water Clarity:
Clear from Nkwazi jetties towards the main Dam, but murky in places in the river section.

Water Level:

0mm (No rain received this month)

Fishing Area:
The bay on the right as you pass where the Fish Eagle Safari Boat is moored, Pump Station, the bay as you pass the KZN Wildlife campsites towards the border, Elephant Bay in 3- 5m of water and towards the mountain near the trees in the water.

Average Size:
Tiger Fish caught during the month ranged from 1kg 4.4kg.

Biggest Fish:

Other Conditions:
The Dam level has decreased slightly since last month. We are now in our winter season with less rainfall. Be careful of tree stumps and structures that may be protruding from or just below the water level.

Total Tiger Fish:
An average of 205 Tiger Fish were caught in 30 trips this month off the Pongola Game Reserve boats.

A few Barbel were also caught while fishing for Tiger Fish, also caught on sardine.

Bait of the Month:
The largest one of 4.4kgs was caught on sardine. Live bait was also successful this month.

General Info:
Spinners and lures were again not so successful during the month.