Pongola Game Reserve Fishing Report

Temp (River):
Minimum: 21'C Average: 26'C Maximum: 29'C

Water Clarity:
Average (Improving)

Water Level:


Fishing Area:
River stretch, Nkwazi boathouse, Crocodile Bay, Rhino Bay, at the entrance of the dam, near the KZN campsite bend and opposite Nkwazi

Average Size:
1.7kg Tiger Fish

Biggest Fish:
A 3kg was the largest Tiger Fish that was caught on our boats in March. It was caught on sardines in sunny conditions with clear water clarity at the tree at the dam entrance. (Nathi was the skipper). Of interest, a guest (on his own boat) caught a 5kg Tiger on fly across from the KZN Wildlife slipway using a fly with coke a cola colours. A 6.5kg Barbel was caught with sardines in average water clarity on an overcast and windy afternoon. (Nathi was the skipper)

Other Conditions:
The water level this month stayed relatively constant, with a slight decrease, and the water clarity has improved. The algae that we saw last month is decreasing but still present. Being autumn, with winter around the corner, both water temperature and level has decreased. Fish were biting on a variety of bait during March. The best spot for March was opposite the KZN Wildlife Slipway.

Total Tiger Fish:
81 (All released)


Other Species:
A sucker mouth species (Labeo sp.) was caught on earthworms

Bait of the Month: