About Pongola Game Reserve
Few exclusive yet affordable private getaways combine the scenic variety of bushveld, mountains, major water bodies and a range of leisure activities that make the best of all the natural features. This combination, an abundance of space and the results of a \\\"light footprint\\\" development philosophy are key ingredients of the special experience offered by Pongola Game Reserve in northern KwaZulu Natal.

The reserve extends over part of the original area that, in 1894, was declared the Pongola Game Reserve by Paul Kruger, President of the old Transvaal Republic. The original reserve has since been re-proclaimed, in part, as the Phongolo Nature Reserve, which is the present Pongola Game Reserve\'s immediate neighbour.

The business is owned and managed by the Landman family whose ancestors arrived in the Cape in 1744.

The Pongola River, broad and perennial, meanders through the centre of the reserve before entering the man-made 13 276 hectare lake. It provides a leisure environment unique for a South African bushveld destination. Safari cruises, canoe adventures, birding and tiger fishing are among the main activities.

The area is home to many typical plains game species, four of the Big Five (excluding lion), Hippopotumas and crocodile. It is also a birding \"hotspot\". Over 350 species have so far been recorded here. One can also enjoy the experience of tracking rhino on foot.

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The reserve is 450km from Johannesburg and 350km from Durban.

GPS Coordinates for Pongola Game Reserve

27°  22\\\'  09.26\\\"  S

31°  50\\\'  42.16\\\"  E