Pongola Game Reserve - Mvubu Spa

\"\"It\\\'s the stillness of the bush and the flow of the waters that allows you to relax, unwind and breathe.
Mvubu Spa is situated near Mvubu River Lodge, with breathtaking views of the Pongola river, where the elements of beauty and nature come together. Choose from a variety of professional treatments whilst enjoying the wildlife and nature.

Water holds the symbol of purification as it washes away pain and disease. Hydrotherapy is a water therapy conducted in a warm bath with jets at varying angles to massage the body. Designed to accommodate the contours of the body, the jets deliver a powerful, pummeling massage. The hydrotherapy treatment is extremely therapeutic and relaxing, whilst at the same time kick starts the metabolism and begins detoxification.
This must be booked in advance.
1 hour - R50 p/p minimum R100

Steam Bath
The steam room holds the secret to detoxification and relaxation. It increases your blood and lymphatic circulation, resulting in an increased oxygen supply to the cells and the removal of waste products, while improving the skin color, tone and elasticity.
1 hour - R50 p/p minimum R100

Oxygenating (1h) - R500
A rehydrating and oxygenating treatment

Harmony (1h) - R650
A luxurious facial which balances and soothes the skin while building and strengthening the defence system

Jeunesse Rejuvenating (1h) - R800
An anti-ageing treatment specially for mature skins. Renewed radiance and firmness appears.

Body Scrub
Removes old skin cells and improves the circulation. Brightens and smooths the skin. 

(30min) - R250

Swedish Massage
This ancient massage method ensures intense relaxation of the mind and body!
Back & Neck (30min) - R300
Full Body (60min) - R450

A signature treatment especially for you as it incorporates a blend of aromatherapy oils and a range of techniques to ensure optimum relaxation and tension release!
Back & Neck (30min) - R350
Full Body (60min) - R470

Lymph Drainage
An absolute must for anyone on a slimming or detox program. This massage concentrates on areas of blockages assisting the removal of toxins, as well as boosting a sluggish metabolism.
Back & Neck (30min) - R350
Full Body (60min) - R500

Foot Ritual
An Exfoliating treatment followed by a relaxing foot massage
Feet (35min) - R250

Hot Stone Therapy
Imagine the sensation of warm stones and hot oil soothing your entire body...
Back & Neck (30min) - R400
Full Body (75min) - R600

Indian Head Massage
The ultimate stress buster, as this treatment pays attention to key tension areas located in the shoulders, neck, scalp and face. This treatment will leave you totally invigorated for the rest of your day!
R300 (30min)

Sports Massage
A specialized massage with Arnica oil to relieve neck and back pain
Back & Neck (30min) - R350
Full body (60min) - R550

Mom-to-be Massage
A relaxing massage for back pains, swollen feet and ankles

Back & Neck (30min) - R300

Full Body (60min) - R500

Basic (35min) - R200

Scrub, file, buff & paint

Specialized (50min) - R270

Scrub, file, buff, paint & massage

Paint only (35min) - R100

File, buff & paint

Basic (45min) - R250

Scrub, file, buff & paint

Specialized (60min) - R370

Scrub, file, buff, paint & massage

Mini-me Nails

Children under 12 years

R150 each (hands or feet)

Scrub & paint


Mvubu River Lodge: 083 607 5981

Booking and cancellation policy

Bookings can be made telephonically. Our treatments are carefully planned to accommodate the needs of each and every guest. We therefore kindly request that you arrive at Mvubu Spa 15 minutes prior to your treatment to allow time for registration and changing. Late arrivals will be finished within scheduled treatment time while the fee will remain unchanged.
Should you wish to change or cancel an appointment please contact us within 24 hours prior to your treatment, as no shows will be charged a 50% cancellation fee. Rates subject to change without prior notice.